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We help you:

  • Grow your business
  • Define strategies
  • Improve efficiency - making better profits
  • Collaborate with business peers
  • Improve personal performance and work/life balance
  • Sell your business

We're all about you

As an entrepreneur and business owner it is okay to ask for support and guidance - it's not a test!


It is with this in mind that 360 decided on creating a platform for supporting business owners with specialised help and inspiration, leaving them to get on with what they do best – having great ideas and eventually running very successful businesses.

360Mentor is a focused and supportive way of developing your business, refining ideas that you still feel have a life and restructuring thoughts towards working freely to inspire more.

It is testament to the 360 team’s inherent skills that their very own start-up and growth strategy was so successful; all authentic leaders in their field, it’s no surprise that they are now a regional success in their own right.

Why use a mentor?

Our mentors help you access support for your project ideas and business, they deliver objectivity and focus as they work with you to provide a sounding board to help guide your way forward.

By nature, entrepreneurs tend to be free spirits and can often struggle with the sometimes chaotic nature of escalating business growth, we support this by proposing and implementing organisational structure.

Our approach is pragmatic when you need it to be – we can leverage support from a bank of funders. We help you aspire above the plateau by encouraging new targets as we monitor your performance along the way allowing you as little or as much access as you feel you need. Our systematic approach will help you build confidence to drive your business further and faster.

Choosing to work with a mentor could be your best idea yet – let’s face it, you’re an original and even top sports athletes need coaches. Global business pioneers have gurus so, why not let us be yours? You deserve it.

Meet the mentors

Andy Jewitt

Andy Jewitt

Chartered Accountant

Experience in industry
Training, education and third sector specialist
Research and development

Sean Maloney

Sean Maloney

Corporate Finance Specialist

Business sales and purchases
Business valuations

Andy Steele

Andy Steele

Chartered Accountant

Experience of setting up and growing two businesses
Director of a multi-academy trust

Your 360Mentor


We are all highly motivated, driven and proactive individuals heading up the fastest growing Chartered Accountants’ practice in Yorkshire. We are tax and compliance specialists, we have experience in practically all business sectors and we have vast knowledge and contacts for raising finance for projects.

We are avid networkers, outward-facing professionals and we are more than happy to share our colleagues and contacts with you to help you achieve your broader goals.

We have an integrated corporate finance department that makes 360 the perfect choice for selling your business and buying or building a new one.

Finally, we are connective and available – when we issue you our mobile telephone numbers, it is an assurance that we are easily accessible and committed to your success.

Mentoring services

The foundation for success

All of 360 Mentor packages feature the same in-depth analysis and focus intensity. Ideal for most budgets, here’s what you can expect from each one;

  • Annual Business valuation – keep a track on your equity
  • Benchmarking – annual checks to keep your business development on track
  • Rolling Financial Forecasting – up to the minute figures without the need to firefight
  • Telephone and e-mail support throughout – responsive and almost virtual attention to your needs

Active Agenda – all points covered, progress guaranteed

All 360 Mentor meetings have a concise agenda and that is in place to highlight progress, plan future milestones check performance, amend and adjust patterns and behaviours.

  • Actual v Budget – how we share success or make changes to achieve meaningful gains
  • Forecasts – agreed-on predictions illuminate the way forward
  • Strategy – our developed plan and the way we make things happen
  • Costs Review – the marketplace is fluid, our fixed costs, therefore are the same – here’s how we keep things in check
  • Marketing – creating ways to make current customers and prospects choose you above all others
  • Funding – the cost that keeps on giving – it’s natural to have new ideas for new products and services, this is how we pay for the development
  • Work-life balance – a keen eye on your personal aspirations without losing sight of who you are as a person
  • Economy – minor changes can take a major toll on your profitability – here we look at ironing out trends and make considered decisions around protecting your risk
  • KPI’s – the data that reveals how you are actually doing and, together, we seek ways of challenging patterns of behaviour to improve the stats.

Mentor Packages


Two meetings per year offer the optimum progress with a real-time boardroom executive experience. We offer unlimited telephone and email support throughout your support period. With prices starting at £400 per calendar month we give tailored all-round support to business owners and entrepreneurs that need a focus and direction.

Mentor Plus

Four quarterly meetings annually deliver a dynamic focus to any business, with enough time to plan and sufficient contact to implement changes and new strategies. We offer unlimited telephone and email support throughout your support period. Priced at £500 per calendar month our Mentor Plus gives existing business-owners a tailored support package to achieve big goals.

Mentor Premium

Twelve structured meetings per year gives time and space to work through issues, changes and implement a durable plan and build new strategies to help you achieve business goals. We offer unlimited telephone and email support throughout your support period. Aimed at business-owners with management teams that are at a point of major change, or new direction. 360 Mentor gives a highly individual support package priced at £1000 per calendar month.

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Grant assistance may be available for 360Mentor through Funding Circle - details on request.

360Mentor Club

We host regular meetings in which the mentors, mentees, local professionals and advisors get together in a confidential environment to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other.

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