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BANJO - Bang A Nasty Job Out

A daily routine we encourage our mentor clients to engage in is that of BANJO ( Bang A Nasty Job Out ).

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5 Tips For Switching Off This Bank Holiday

It can be all too easy to stay in work mode during these short breaks, still checking and responding to emails, worrying about the outstanding tasks awaiting your return, even stopping by the office to carry on working as normal. But it’s important to utilise this time to refresh and relax – trust us, you’ll be more alert, produce better work and be easier to work with when you return.

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Fall in Love With Your Business Again

Feeling less passionate about your business lately?

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The Purple Bus Scenario

When we’re working with our mentor clients one of the first questions we ask is, if you was hit by a purple (or red!) bus tomorrow, what is the first part of your business that would fail? Would it be finance? HR? Ops? Sales?

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7 Tips for a Healthy Work Life Balance

One of the most common ‘complaints’ I hear from successful entrepreneurs is that they wish they had spent more time with their families during the start up or growth cycles. Time spent at work whilst your children are growing up is time you clearly won’t be able to take back in the future but with a few simple changes to how you organise your life I believe major improvements to your work life balance can be made (almost) overnight.

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Claire and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Mentoring programme

Claire Jacques, one of our mentors, has been selected as a mentor on the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Mentoring programme.

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